The crucial aspect of the output management is a rising thematic in the information delivery process of your company.

That output whatever it is an office document, an ERP report, a host application output, corresponds to the main vehicle of the information in and outside your company. Recent evolutions have shown both an increase in produced volume of output and a greater distribution and complexity in its production.

Anything From Anywhere to Anywhere

Output Management is the central point of the information delivery process. It represents the services that increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the organisation.

The Xprint Suite provides a powerful and reliable Enterprise Output Management solution for UNIX and Linux Systems that addresses both aspects of a print service and print management.


  • Optimize your output delivery environment
  • Increase the quality of your offered output delivery services
  • Protect your printing investments
  • Extend your printing access

Monitor the costs of your printing infrastructure

Xprint suite offers to you a Document Accounting solution for any organization. It analyzes, dispatches, tracks, monitors and secures print jobs. You will be able to know what happens to your output request; if the printer is no more available or if you need an urgent output, you will be able to redirect your job to get your printed document, just-in-time. Xprint suite registers information concerning every document that is sent to a network or desktop printer or multifunction device.


  • Increase the cost transparency
  • Reduce wasteful output of prints
  • Rationalize the printing infrastructure
  • Reduce the printing costs to the need
  • Increase charge for printing
  • Increase the profit of the service

Protect your printing investments

The Xprint Suite products thanks to the different client interfaces allow customers to integrate their own applications output in the printing environment. Moreover the portability of the products in the UNIX and Linux world allows securing the future of the customer IT environment.

The openess of Xprint allows adding own features in the Xprint Suite improving then its flexibility and enabling a tailoring of the system. It is possible to add virtually unlimited functionality to the output job processing.


  • Protection of your investment through the integration of existing software and hardware (multi-vendors)
  • Openness in one’s choice of external products
  • Investment protection by Interfaces compatibility (command line interface, Application Program interfaces, hot folder mechanism.)
  • Adaptation to your requirements at a sensible cost
  • Development cost reduction by using fully documented APIs

Increase the quality of your offered output delivery services

Reducing your help desk costs in your daily tasks and operations is the main objective of the combination of some Xprint Suite products (including the Domain Monitoring web-based Graphical Interface). That graphical user interface allows you to monitor and to manage the main Xprint objects in the whole domain. You can track or be warned about devices in error or jobs having a problem.


  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce your Help desk costs
  • Simplify monitoring and control of hundreds of output devices
  • Optimize the use of your printing environment
  • Increase the quality of your offered services

Optimize your output delivery environment

A combination of Xprint Suite products allowing the use of different printing usage models (centralize and print, distribute and print,.) satisfying the customer requirements. The scalability of the products allows a smooth integration of the solution in the existing customer environment, as also a quick installation and configuration. The possibility to define several Xprint printing domains provides answers to the customer organisation.


  • Protection of your investment through the integration of existing software and hardware (multi-vendors)
  • Investment protection due to the flexibility of the solution
  • Security through a smooth implementation of the solution
  • Reduced training costs by the use of the same products running together on different platforms with the same functionalities