Services Overview

Flag2000 specialists bring applied knowledge to you in each area. So you develop the right solution, based on a systematic tried-and-true approach. The structured, flexible Flag2000 process for developing your solution is based on you: your business, your needs and your budget. Expert Flag2000 consultants use their knowledge of your business and our systems to help you design the right answer, using the equipment, software and professional services that meet your needs.

Our project management methodology ensures that you always know what you can expect next. Once your solution is installed, we can help you continue to maximise it with flexible training and advanced service- level agreements. You get a long-term solution designed to optimise your document workflow while insuring excellent return on investment.


Competence to define your opportunities

Sophisticated document-handling technology can bring significant cost- and time-savings to your company. But building a system that lets you truly benefit from efficiency opportunities implies in-depth understanding of your company coupled with real expertise in document workflow. Flag2000 Consulting Services use expertise and experience to develop solutions based on both. So you gain precisely the software and services that will maximise your processes.


  • Structure for success with our Solution Delivery Process
  • Select the consulting services that fit your needs
  • Enjoy a solution that addresses your specific document issues
  • Assure a smooth transition to your new solution
  • Count on the people behind our knowledge


Competence to integrate your solution

Implementing your document solution can be a complex activity, taking up scarce time and resources. Done improperly it can bring your processes down and leave your employees without the information to do their jobs. Flag2000 professionals, armed with knowledge gained from years of experience of implementations, provide services to get you up and running smoothly.


  • Benefit from comprehensive our Solution Delivery Process services
  • Select the implementation services you need
  • Smoothly bring your solution online
  • Benefit from our people investment


Competence to improve your solution performance

Knowledge is power. Especially when it comes to document workflow. Flag2000 Education Services systematically transfer our expert knowledge to your employees. Our proven training methods give them insight that allows them to maximise results from all your Flag2000 software. And they lead to improved cost control, productivity and quality, as well as faster return on your investment


  • Strengthen your solution with Flag2000 Professional Services
  • Select your training location
  • Improve uptime and overall productivity
  • Involve our people investment


Competence to leverage your productivity

Software is part of your rapidly changing print environment. Yet you must keep your solution up-to-date and running, or risk being unable to react to your customers’ demanding requirements. Flag2000 Support Services help you do so-without a lot of hassle and expense. So you can easily maintain your software for years


  • Trust in the software professionals
  • Protect your software investment
  • Keep your system running day-to-day
  • Rely on our broad and deep competence