Product overview

The Xprint® Suite is a powerful and reliable Enterprise Output Management solution for UNIX, Linux and Windows Systems including both print service and print management. You can get an overview of the Xprint® Suite is on this page.

Xprint ©

The cornerstone of the Xprint© Suite.

The Output Manager Xprint is the workhorse of the Xprint suite. Xprint is a well-known reliable and widely spread document delivery product; its major characteristics are:

  • A corporate wide service based on distributed system managing multiple output sites.
  • An open and integrated product that contains inclusive API’s.
  • A powerful system for centralisation, distribution and output management.
  • A high availability service in output delivery.


  • Improve reliability of document delivery
  • Preserve investment by support of existing hardware (platforms and printers)
  • Simplify integration of your existing applications (varied types of application interfaces)
  • Optimise the use of print resources
  • Make easy installation and configuration in your existing IT environment (scalability)
  • Harmonise printing by multi-sites companies
  • Increase your productivity

Application interfaces

The enterprise dimension includes the support of multiple application outputs. These outputs come from very different environments and it is one of the strength of Xprint to support most of them. Via different means it is possible to feed Xprint; additionaly to the full bi-directional BSD gateway, different other application interfaces are provided


Printing from Windows world to Xprint domain

Wprint provides a light solution for end-user. It is designed to efficiently complete the Microsoft Print Manager, adding the key functionality & security features of a robust output management system.

  • Work with any type of device (Plotter, Desktop & High volume Printers, Fax and Mail server.).
  • Access Novell, Unix and mainframes defined queues.
  • Send documents from any office, SAP ERP, technical applications
  • Advanced monitoring
    • Job tracking from the submission to the final output
    • Event based notifications
    • Job properties review/update
    • Job redirection

Xprint ERP Kit

Link between my SAP™ Business Suite applications and the Output Management System

Xprint ERP kit improves the delivery, tracking and control of documents and reports produced by my SAP™ Business Suite applications.

Xprint supports all features of my SAP™ printing interface.

  • Xprint ERP kit enhances the basic printing functions available in the my SAP™ spooler. The native capabilities of my SAP™ spooler are significantly improved.
  • Xprint ERP kit in combination with Xprint provides additional advanced printing functions and improves Enterprise Printing facilities.

With the development of an open generic interface to my SAP™ spool system SAP™ hands over the delivery of SAP™ solutions documents to Xprint, a specialised and robust printing middleware technology (OMS).

Management Interfaces

Xprint is a distributed enterprise output management system and many hosts and devices can be part of one single Xprint domain. Two graphical interfaces focus on the different daily activities of the administrators, operators and users, making their business life easier. A single image of the complete environment, no matter how complex the network architecture is provided. For the output management, Windows or Linux servers are simply considered another host in Xprint domain. Administrators do manage all servers, be it Windows, UNIX or Linux, the same way. Each graphical interface has is own specificities.


Simplify the management of your printing domain

Mercator provides the administrator with both a single system image and a single point of management. It helps the administrator and local operators to manage the information delivery process through Xprint.

Xprint is a distributed system. Mercator allows administrators to manage all servers, be it WINDOWS, UNIX or Linux, the same way.

For efficiency reasons, one can decide to split the complete network in smaller manageable entities. Each entity is then defined as an Xprint domain mastered by Mercator. From any point in the network, the management of the whole Xprint domain is done via a graphical interface.

  • Ease-of-use for Administrator(s) and operator(s)
  • Save time on Management activities
  • Cost reduction for daily repetitive operations
  • Cost reduction for administration activities

Domain monitoring GUI

Adapt the printing domain information to your needs

Xprint Domain Monitoring GUI is a graphical user interface, which offers simplicity, comfort and flexibility.

Simplicity A GUI window is assigned only one purpose at a time. If several features have to be used simultaneously, then several different windows can be started. Monitoring is offered for the different Xprint objects

Comfort The requested information is displayed at once. The displayed information is organized in a scrollable table, which allows very quick access to the desired items.

Flexibility Depending on specific needs, the GUI can be customized by means of different features: filtering, highlight values, column selection and size settings

The Graphical user interface is available on UNIX & Linux platforms as well as on Windows. Its behaviour is the same on all platforms.

Customisation Toolkit

Enterprise Output Management means also the ability to integrate in the Enterprise global process. From that point of view Xprint modular architecture and its different toolkits allow easy integration or cooperation with external components.

They can be used for nearly unlimited reasons, each toolkit behing complementary.

Presentation & Distribution

Xprint Presentation and Distribution toolkit is a powerful customisation tool to manage and track outputs from applications within the output processing flow. It is possible to add virtually unlimited functionality to the output job processing.

Such features as distribution list, routing of jobs, splitting and merging of output data can be easily implemented.

  • Report distribution
  • Routing jobs
  • Splitting & Merging of output data

It is possible to add virtually unlimited functionality to the output job processing.

Integrated System Management

Export your printing control to your global IT environment management

Xprint Integrated System Management (ISM) toolkit provides the administrators the full benefit of the Xprint messages and alerts inside their management platform.

For example, some customers are currently running the Xprint and the ISM toolkit in the HP-OpenView IT/Operations environment. The support of other integrated system management platform can be realised by using the ISM toolkit to customise the information

The integration of the Xprint in integrated system management allows covering, from a central point, your company information infrastructure, at producer, consumer and services levels.

  • Optimisation of the control, intervention and decision process
  • Investment protection while interacting with existing tools
  • Development cost reduction by using fully documented interfaces/APIs
  • Simplify your IT environment control